An Architect’s Summer House

This architect’s summer house is a transparent jewel built on and existing foundation. The like the Scandinavian feel with both materials and color palette. You certainly can’t beat the location. I love that the home feels somewhat like cabin surrounded by all of that old growth forest. Most of the walls are glass but the black wood ceilings ad a feeling of warmth and richness. I could spend weeks there, or maybe even a few summers.

“It is located in Hälsingland, Sweden, and is built in the granite foundation from a turn of the century ceramic stove factory. One of the prerequisites for building on the site — located right on the riverfront — was that the house be built within the existing foundation, which therefore became the premise for the project.”

Summer house Lundnas2 Lundnas3 Lundnas4 Lundnas5 Lundnas6 Summer house Lundnas8 Lundnas9 Lundnas10

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