A wonderful Mountain Villa Perched On top of a Area in Chile

This spectacular mountain hotel is located in San Fernando, Chile, itself located in the heart from the countryside plus perched in a height associated with 339 mirielle (1, 112 feet) over sea degree. The family-run cabin villa was designed simply by SAA arquitectura + territorio in 2012.

The house is encircled by streams and jungles of walnut, quillay, plus peumo, producing an environment of peacefulness and remoteness from the challenges and sound of everyday life. Additionally , this kind of ecological richness makes this a significant place to place birds, like the Burrowing bird, making this an ideal place to check out if crazy fauna is exactly what interests a person.

Because the plant life is so dense, and because the particular preservation from the ecological stability of the region was essential, the structure of this log cabin lodge needed to adapt by itself to character instead of the some other way close to. This led to areas dangling over the water and searching to the area, with the eastern-facing deck trying to the Andean rock formations, and a deck/overlook open to the whole surroundings from the structure together with the open atmosphere.

For the structure, local work and cheap materials had been used, which usually, added to the lower ecological influence of the framework, are a large ethical in addition for the task.

La Pajarera Lodge Shangri La 01 A Stunning Mountain Lodge Perched Atop a Valley in Chile
View of the house lodged to the thick plant life
La Pajarera Lodge Shangri La 02 850x564 A Stunning Mountain Lodge Perched Atop a Valley in Chile
See of the home stuck into the dense vegetation
Terrace along with floors plus walls associated with wood
Terrace along with glass wall space that interact with the interior
Patio with watch of the hills


Internal hallway completely dressed in light wooden
Residing room/kitchen along with floors, wall space, and roof in wooden
Wood beams
Glass wall space

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