A vintage Textile Manufacturer Turned Into an incredible Restaurant within Mexico.

For me personally, and I am sure lots of people will concur, the old buildings have some thing very specific. Maybe it is that outdated flavor, that will story these people always have to inform or maybe that will wonderful mix that is developed when an older construction blends with the contemporary. The result is actually fantastic, is not it?

This particular project had been formerly the textile manufacturer, and today has turned into a restaurant which is located in the town of Chocholá, Yucatan, South america. It is the consequence of the restoration of an previous structure which was practically within ruins plus an interior where the modern information fit flawlessly, creating a blend that is a view to see.

This wonderful modification was manufactured by Mexican galleries Jorge Bolio Arquitectura, Main de Proyectos SCP, Lavalle+Peniche and Mauricio Gallegos, who have collaborated over the project to bring back the dilapidated engine area, creating a eating place.

Its outdoor is composed of beautiful terraces with wooden floors, as well as the beautiful plant life ensures the particular enjoyment associated with outdoor foods.

Old Textile Factory Restaurant 01 850x567 An Old Textile Factory Turned Into a Fantastic Restaurant in Mexico.
Exterior look at of the older building
Old Textile Factory Restaurant 02 850x567 An Old Textile Factory Turned Into a Fantastic Restaurant in Mexico.
Beautiful patio arranged along with comfortable soft cushions
Look at of terraces with wood floors
View associated with terraces along with wooden flooring
Interior along with modern dangling lamps


The interior, beautifully decorated, links to the outside through cup walls, permitting us to take the modern area full of attraction and great taste.

Moreover, we’ll furthermore find contemporary and stylish hanging lights, fine furnishings, a magnificent mixture of floors, plus illuminated cup shelves upon rustic, rock walls.

Wonderful interior along with modern furnishings
Ideal combination of flooring
Ideal combination of flooring
Internal with contemporary hanging lights
Excellent interior along with modern home furniture
Obtain it in historic stone
Exteriors within ancient rock

Arrive nightfall, the spectacular obtain it are full of light that provide off a unique charm that will covers the whole space, appealing us an ideal evening.

Night time view from the outdoor terraces
Night time view from the outdoor terraces
Amazing night sights
Amazing night sights

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