A vacation Home Close to the Beach within Buenos Espaces, Argentina

This home located in the beach region in Buenos Aires, Argentina was constructed as a vacation residence for the owners simply by Estudio Galera on a story of more than 1, 500 m2. The exterior, made from stone, cement, and cup walls, conceals in a rich forest that will shelters and provides it personal privacy.

Its prolonged outdoor locations include a pool surrounded simply by beautiful backyards and through where we now have direct access to some terrace embellished with outside furniture, a great place to present to friends and family.

Primary level of the home, with its wall space of cement and cup
Main entry with cement and wooden walls
Rear view within stone plus concrete


Exterior see of modern cement stairs along with circular home windows
Little terrace using a view from the forest
Terrace along with view from the swimming pool

The inside is covered by cement walls which usually, far from producing the decorating scheme seem darkish or uninviting for their rusticity, create a lustrous and stylish space, due mainly towards the copious sun light that your rooms with the glass home windows.

The family room, populated with a sofa with each other and 2 Barcelona design chairs, is definitely accompanied by contemporary hanging lights

Lounge along with sofa plus 2 Barcelona style seats with cup doors top outside

The modern cooking area with wooden and granitic countertops plus white furnishings is housed by cup walls, hence enjoying an excellent view towards the outside.

Concrete stairways

Within the evenings, the area looks magnificent, the lighting of the house filtration system through the cup walls plus flood your garden, where the pool lies peaceful, waiting for the particular dawn of the new time.

Exterior night time view of the home and pool

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