A unique Coffee Home in Gijang, South Korea

Incredible as it might seem, fantastic structure is usually part of the coffee shop built-in Gijang, close to Busan, Interface City, the 2nd largest town in Southern Korea. Gijang is famous for the beautiful plus incredible beach destination landscapes encircled by rugged hills that provide them a good intimidating however at the same time, enchanting appearance. This really is part of the appealing that this fantastic cafe provides to guests – all things considered, it’s not each day that we may have a cup of coffee whilst enjoying this kind of views!

It had been designed by Heesoo Kwak plus IDMM Designers in 2016 and addresses an area associated with 498 m2.

In the external, this contemporary and impacting structure, which no way is similar to the traditional espresso shops that many of us are usually accustomed to, provides various areas and terraces from which in order to admire the particular landscapes. Better yet, from there we are able to enjoy a stunning and intimate sunset whilst sharing the cup of coffee, herbal tea, or any consume we can think about.

Gijang Waveon 01 850x567 An Unusual Coffee House in Gijang, South Korea
Gijang Waveon 02 850x567 An Unusual Coffee House in Gijang, South Korea
Aerial watch of the outside terraces
Airborne view from the modern constructing


Lovely concrete design with contemporary shapes

Its inner surface is no much less impressive. The immense, well-illuminated, and contemporary spaces create us overlook what we emerged for, plus lead all of us to respect its information instead.

The particular tall cement walls mix with the ones from glass, as well as the latter enable us to relish the spectacular views, even though we are sitting down inside.

Tremendous marble stairways take all of us from one degree to another, each perfectly pre-loaded with tables plus chairs to relish this unique place.

Aerial watch of the indoor of the constructing full of dining tables
Wooden stairways with cup railings, on the far finish the sea sights
Sights of the cafeteria service region
Attractive views from the sunset in the terraces

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