A sophisticated Concrete Residence in Shibuya, Tokyo, The japanese

This house, covering a location of sixty one meters squared, is used pertaining to vacational leasing services, plus was lately renovated simply by Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects. It is located in Shibuya, one of the most advanced downtown locations in Tokyo, Japan, plus, indeed, all Asia.

The interior, an area of small natural light plus decorated within dark shades, seeks to provide its guests a sense of peace and rest, taking all of them away, within a certain feeling, from the sound and bustles of the town life.

The scarce furnishings, which includes a dining area of organic wood along with chairs plus benches, comes with a small kitchen area with a cement countertop. It offers a number of components and racks of stainless-steel, which gives a contemporary touch towards the small area.

The area provides walls as well as a ceiling required for dark grey, and gets natural light by way of a window aside of the room, though it really is significantly diluted by the famous darkness.

Shibuya Apartment 202 01 850x567 An Elegant Concrete Apartment in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Shibuya Apartment 202 02 850x567 An Elegant Concrete Apartment in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Dining area with a wooden table, the bench, plus 2 seats
Kitchen along with concrete counter top


Decor with darkish walls plus ceiling
Kitchen along with stainless steel products

Area with cup walls plus carpeted flooring

Its rooms, with carpets that addresses the floor through wall in order to wall, creating a sense of convenience and temperature, find themselves divided from the family room by wall space of cup that nonetheless maintain their own intimacy along with dark plus heavy drapes

Wall along with glass doorway

The bathroom, a contemporary space, offers accessories within white plus brown ceramic tile wall space, which deviate from the favorite of the remaining spaces.

Bath rooms with white-colored accessories
Modern bathing room with whitened bathtub plus floors plus walls associated with brown ceramic tiles

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