A present day concrete property by ARDESS

This modern concrete house by ARDESS caught my attention right away mainly since of what is sitting in the driveway. I have a vehicle board on Pinterest and it has a healthier does of Porsche in it. I found the image on Pinterest and tracked down the undertaking. The residence is just as wonderful as the auto. The concrete structure is a direct juxtaposition to the exterior. I uncover it interesting that the floors practically match the walls creating a harmonious choice of components on all surfaces. “The interior consists of customized manufactured joinery made out of wood and linoleum, like bathroom furniture, doors, tables, cabinets and kitchen.” I can not choose the place the linoleum was utilised, can you see it? I really like this construction and the monochromatic palette that was developed. I would most likely throw close to a very good does of teak to warm issues up a small.

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