A memorable and Amazing Home Filled with Natural Light

This wonderful style was created by Spanish company Santayana House and performed by a group comprised of Ana Pardo plus her children, Rocío Riestra Pardo plus Ana Riestra Pardo sobre Santayana, most of possessing an amazing decorative skill and refined elegance.

Intimate living room along with sofas within blue

Formal dining area with bookshelf

The particular owners needed the space designed to be memorable and amazing for their visitors, and their particular desires had been more than attained. The space includes a romantic atmosphere and is cozy. The whole home has a broad sense associated with harmony due to floral adornments, stripes, plus geometric designs used, well balanced with natural tones plus soft designs.

The main corridor is a room designed for relax and rest, a space that will radiates serenity. The large kitchen keeps the same design, and is an ideal blend of designs and designs which make it a friendly plus hospitable atmosphere.

The children’s room cannot be more enchanting, the sort associated with room that every girls wish to have, with lavish wallpaper simply by Laura Ashley, combined with candy striped paper plus romantic home furniture. The large master suite, which is full of sun light, is not much behind. It really is characterized by an extremely classic design and is filled with elegance.

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