A Low Budget Project that has Managed to meet the Needs and Desires of its Owners

This project shows us that despite having a low budget, it is possible to have a home which has nothing to envy of new and expensive constructions. In certain countries, such as India, there is the theory that a certain type of architecture reflects the economic and financial state of the one who owns it. That is why, over time, the architecture in these places moves farther and farther from the use of used rustic materials and methods, thus compromising some essential aspects, like the capacity of climate response and energy efficiency at the opportune moment, and giving rise to new and more sophisticated techniques.

Exterior view of the construction with gardens

Construction surrounded by vegetation

However , the effect is not always what is sought, and many times pertaining to the low class prevents people from having the ability to enjoy certain luxuries, such as for example air conditioning systems. This creates an atmosphere that is neither comfortable nor pleasant for the occupants, who must withstand high temperatures.

Entrance with stone walls

Entrance door in wood

The goal of the architectural firm ZERO STUDIO, responsible for this project located in Mannarkkad, India in 2017, was to raise awareness about the need for having real buildings rather than being viewed as equals. The focal point here’;s that, regardless of the social status, the residential architecture must speak the language of simplicity and the daily necessities, and therefore respond to the aspects of each site, climate, building materials and the finish user.

Entrance with perforated brick wall

Wooden door



Entrance with terracotta floors

Interior with garden view

Thick wooden stairs


Bedroom with bucolic details

Exterior night view

Terrace seen from the outside

Night view

Garden at night

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