A little Apartment that will Nevertheless Includes all the Required Amenities

This house covering the ground part of only fifty square metres is to the upper amount of a 3-storey building positioned in the neighborhood associated with Pinheiros, Vem a ser Paulo, Brazilian. It was created by the system firm Irão, by a group made up of designers Anna Juni, Enk lo Winkel, plus Gustavo Delonero. The task was designed in the year 2017.

Little living room filled with natural light

The main demand made by the long run resident is that the fifty square metres that made up the helpful area of the house had to be reorganized, so that the bed room could be remote from the various other spaces. Contemplating this, the particular construction had been carried out nearly without any demolition, which is very unusual intended for remodeling tasks.

Area shared from the living room plus kitchen

The extension from the existing wall structure allowed the particular creation of the volume that will houses the bed room, relocating this from the major façade, which usually faced the road, to the back again, where the home windows overlook the internal garden from the community. Along with preserving this particular restful atmosphere from the noises of the road, the new place was also developed so that the amounts of the incorporated living room (living room, cooking area, and balcony) would be well balanced, as well as the sun light that moves into all of them.

Since the constructing has a group laundry space on the ground ground, the area which was available for that will purpose had been replaced with a large wardrobe.


Dining area and kitchen area

Wooden kitchen area

View from the living room – dining room in the kitchen

Contemporary living room along with high ceilings

Storage area

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