A House With Colors that Merge Harmoniously with its Surroundings

The architectural firm Laurynas Žakevičius Architects designed this fabulous house in 2014. The wonderful exterior is perfectly complemented by its interior, an exhibition of good taste and a perfect example of the capabilities of architects Laurynas Žakevičius, and Evelina Gumuliauskaitė.

Spectacular garden contrasts with the black facade of the house

The house, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, has an area of 275 square meters and is situated on a slope, which has been coupled to create a continuous space. The site is divided into 2 areas at different levels: an approach area and an inner courtyard for relaxation. The main entrance and technical facilities are one level lower than the main house area.

Tunnel that connects both sides of the house

Spectacular garden with covered terrace

Access to the patio rises along the naturally sloping ramp below the house, directing visitors towards the back of the site. Inside the interior garden, the floor merges with the floor of the living room, dining room, and bedroom areas of the house.

You can go to the lawn directly from the bedroom. The concrete lining of the front elevation was selected to match with the retention of concrete walls. The remaining part of the house is covered with black stone tiles and natural wood.

The light and minimalist house style and the dark natural colors of the building merge harmoniously with nature and the surroundings.

Covered terrace

Interior with wooden floors

Entrance with wooden floors

Spacious and modern living room with stone wall

Spacious and modern living room with stone wall and fireplace

Modern and spacious living-dining area and kitchen

Kitchen-dining room in white and gray

Minimalist kitchen in white, wood and gray

Wooden Kitchen details

Modern bedroom in gray range

White and gray bathroom with wooden floors

Bathroom with modern and elegant pieces

Storage area in the bathroom

Night view of the exterior

Night view from the garden

Entire night view of the outside

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