A home Full of Stop and Encircled by Nature

This home has been designed with the show desire to reside in a peaceful place, filled with peace plus silence, in addition to a place exactly where nature could show the greatness. This particular led these to identify a location in the field of Ricaurte in Cuenca, Ecuador, a nearly intact web site that, within the mornings, will be stripped from the characteristic hill mist. Stated mist floats on the likely territory, leading our look upwards near the top of the trees and shrubs, mountains, plus clouds.

House encircled by a solid and eco-friendly forest

Front side view associated with both amounts

The particular architectural company Ruptura Morlaca Arquitectura had been commissioned within 2017 to undertake this novel and exclusive project from the hand from the professionals John Chango plus Carolina Bravo. It is positioned in the city associated with Cuenca, Ecuador, and has any of 2 hundred square metres.

Front side view along with mountains within background

Working with the particular slope from the site permitted them to take notice of the architecture an additional element of the particular natural panorama. In a way, this became action of the hill that modified to every ” of its topography while at the same time charting its very own course. Hence, it grew to become an synthetic component of the particular mountain alone. You could also venture to express that location was created right here, and not structures.

See of the open up construction

Entry with landscapes

Side look at with cup walls

Inner surface of deposits that match

Inner levels along with glass wall space

Open kitchen area

Kitchen along with granite counter tops

Large cooking area with cup walls

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