A good Industrial House Dating through 1961

This residence, dating back in order to 1961, was created by SuperLimão. In it, we are able to appreciate a good industrial design predominant within the decoration, and which you observe, among other things, the way the steel water lines containing the particular electrical installation are uncovered and are portion of the décor.

The particular combination of cement walls plus ceiling along with granite flooring reminds all of us of the unique era of the apartment. There are plenty of details in the décor that will tell the story. A few of these include old style corded cell phones and classic radios.

Apartment Renovation 01 850x566 An Industrial Apartment Dating from 1961
Family room with cement ceiling plus walls
Apartment Renovation 02 An Industrial Apartment Dating from 1961

In the kitchen, colourful and impressive furniture in an exceedingly retro design complete the area. When we find it, we have the sensation that people are vacationing back in time. The particular cabinets are usually done in an extremely showy eco-friendly, and capped with a counter top in dark.

The top cupboards are composed associated with small cubes in various colours placed asymmetrically. These little cubes keep kitchen add-ons, and function the dual function associated with storage plus decoration.

Kitchen area in stunning colors plus retro design
Fine detail of an previous telephone within the concrete walls

Within the bedroom, required for neutral colours, we can see a variety of blues plus grays within the textiles utilized. On the walls, you observe steel plumbing that include cables that will conduct electrical power and give the particular decoration an extremely charming commercial touch.

Bed room with materials in glowing blue range

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