A flat in Grey in Vienna, Austria

This magnificent apartment can be marked simply by an willing roof, along with large home windows that permit light in order to enter the developing at different angles. It had been designed by Bernd Gruber within 2014, and it is located in Vienna, Austria.

Monochrome colors rule the decorating scheme, and they, together with wood, provide the space its identity.

A contemporary style exists in the different spaces of the house, giving them many an elegant appear, as well as providing us a tip into the thoughts of the individuals who live right here.

It’s the little details which make a difference, plus that’s definitely true right here. Good flavor is ever-present here, plus it’s an authentic treat to invest time inside the walls of the home.

Benefit ceilings provide us a sense of convenience and room.

VIENNA Wasagasse 01 850x1146 An Apartment in Gray in Vienna, Austria
Modern family room, where monochrome reign great. In the significantly end, you observe the kitchen
VIENNA Wasagasse 02 850x546 An Apartment in Gray in Vienna, Austria
View from the living room from your kitchen. You observe the home windows that enable natural light in order to enter

The kitchen is certainly comprised of darkish wood, along with detailing within golden shades. The kitchen alone seems to be concealed away in the corner from the apartment, plus from here we are able to take in the particular entirety from the space. It is impossible to not enjoy the wonderful décor which is chosen to provide this little apartment lifetime.

Corner exactly where we’ll discover the kitchen, darkish wood along with golden information
Components from the kitchen area



The main bed room follows fit. Its style gives this a very exclusive identity.

Every single element of this particular home talks for alone. All we should do is just listen to what has to state.

Bedroom using its very own character
Bathing room – bath with a cup wall

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