A flat and a Work area in Getaway, Designed by An additional Studio

This magnificent remodeling of the apartment to become converted into the workplace had been carried out simply by Andrey Andreev and Petya Nikolova, creators of One more Studio within Bulgaria. To get this done, it was essential to take down a number of the existing wall space, which led to granting the area visual extravagance and a better flow associated with natural light, and also allowing higher communication between people who function there.

The area now offers 2 function areas, your bathroom, a cooking area, and 2 terraces.

The particular white wall space and the wood floors are usually interrupted just by locations where hydraulic ceramic tiles were attached to the flooring to add several color towards the design plus help crack the boredom.

It has a number of shelves that will serve as a spot to display ornamental accessories and also divisions between different areas. There are also drapes that can be opened up and shut, and so assist occupants accomplish greater personal privacy, should this be required.

Lighting, an essential aspect of the particular décor, particularly in the case of the workspace, has been carried out in a way that it offers proper lighting in each one of the areas of the particular apartment.

Apartment transformed into own workspace 01 850x645 An Apartment and a Workspace in Bulgaria, Designed by Another Studio
Close-up of workplaces with wood floors plus hydraulic floor tile floors
Apartment transformed into own workspace 02 850x478 An Apartment and a Workspace in Bulgaria, Designed by Another Studio

The particular combination of hydraulic tiles with the food prep and the bathing room had a magnificent result – it a new space which is at the same time comfy, cheerful, plus functional.

The end result: a wonderful room designed within good flavor that is simultaneously practical plus functional, plus where suggestions can stream easily within an atmosphere that will visually induces its residents in a good way.

Workplace with plant life and wood furniture. Magnificent kitchen plus bathroom region
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Workplace interior
Office, whitened walls, plus wooden flooring
Workplace interior
Workplace, white wall space, and wood floors
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Bathing room

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