A distinctive Wooden House in Kamakura, Japan

This distinct project, addressing an area associated with 144 sq . meters, is situated in the city associated with Kamakura, The japanese. It was finished by Watanabe’s Tokyo-based studio room for a few and their own 3 kids. The stunning and conventional exterior of the house desires us to assume what we will discover once we are usually inside. Then, we find it is full of impresses and wonderful ideas that lots of of us should probably copy.

We confess that whenever I saw the very first images of the project, high were nevertheless spaces with out furniture, I discovered it unusual to see a lot of columns associated with wood entered in the areas and I requested myself, “What purpose will it serve in order to fill every thing with wood planks that will only join the way? ” However , right after seeing the reason why they were presently there and what these were intended to be taken for, this seemed like a good idea. Who wouldn’t want to have all those spaces filled with books? I am in!

Yet let’s always see that which good ideas this particular project will offer us.

The particular wooden content were not just used to keep bookshelves aloft, but also, in some instances, to hold inlayed furniture by means of drawers, which usually bring shrub houses in your thoughts.

Kensuke Watanabe Y House 01 850x1274 A Unique Wooden Home in Kamakura, Japan
Front outdoor of the house
Kensuke Watanabe Y House 02 850x1274 A Unique Wooden Home in Kamakura, Japan
Diagonal outside of the house
Side watch
Watch of the internal through the wood columns
View from the interior with the wooden content
Watch of the room completely protected in wooden in flooring, walls, plus ceiling


Quit to a little terrace via glass doorways
See of the room before getting decorated
Watch of the living-dining room in the kitchen
View from the living-dining area from the cooking area

Within the bedroom, these were even utilized to serve as the bottom for the cabinets.

Bedroom. Flooring, walls, plus ceiling within wood
Wooden content used to make bookshelves plus spaces in order to decorate

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