A distinctive Tent Home in Eumundi, Australia

Located in the particular clearing of the forest within Eumundi, Quotes, this camping tent house was created by Sets off Architects Pty Ltd within 2016. The house covers any of 344 m2, and offers the perfect house for a family members that likes contact with character.

At first glance, the roof will remind us from the typical tents seen in circuses. However , viewing it towards the top of the slope, under the color of its tents, the framework is impacting. And we must not doubt to get a moment the key function the particular tents provide when it comes to delivering shade towards the home.

Outdoors, its wood terraces ask us to relish nature in the immensity, and dark evenings we can take pleasure in completely apparent skies, vivid and filled with stars – one of the benefits of living far from the city as well as its light air pollution.

With this house, we have choices – the sliding doorways are not consistently kept open up and subjected to the outdoors. Occasionally these are shut and maintain the particular isolation plus security from the inhabitants.

Tent House 01 850x637 A Unique Tent House in Eumundi, Australia
Complete view of the home under the dark areas of the tents
Tent House 02 850x637 A Unique Tent House in Eumundi, Australia
Little wooden patio in front of the master suite

On the center from the structure would be the social places – the particular living room, dining area, and kitchen area share exactly the same space within perfect a harmonious relationship. In the horizontal points, we discover the personal areas – the rooms and bathing rooms occupy wings that we may access by means of side corridors.

View from the living room, dining area, kitchen
Dining room and the background, your kitchen in metallic and wooden


View from the forest through the master bedroom
Bathroom along with accessories within white plus overlooking the particular forest
Night watch of the home

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