A distinctive Mountainside House in Seoul, South Korea

This unusual and contemporary structure is situated in a panoramic preservation area at the feet of a path that leads as much as Bukansan, the mountain in the northern periphery of Seoul, South Korea in the Jongno District. It had been designed by nearby Studio Poly. m. your, keeping in mind it would be a house that should fit both the builder and his son’s young family members.

Their proprietors wanted to possess the possibility of experiencing great sights over the panorama, but the restrictions of the nearby conditions failed to permit this, allowing just for the design of a 2-storey house having a maximum elevation of 8 meters.

Searching for some way to provide height towards the construction, the interior was created with higher double ceilings with which they can still get what they needed.

The building, along with wonderful obtain it, has corrugated stone wall space that appear to slide plus fall on a lawn, giving it a good imposing seem.

Mountainside Seoul House 01 850x478 A Unique Mountainside Home in Seoul, South Korea
View from the structure situated between the dense vegetation
Mountainside Seoul House 02 850x1324 A Unique Mountainside Home in Seoul, South Korea
Aerial watch of modern constructing
Information on construction
Side watch with outdoor and car parking
View of the home through the landscapes


Information on construction stations

On top floor is really a terrace that we can take pleasure in the views within peace.

Patio with hard wood floors
Concrete outside stairs
Concrete outside stairs

Its indoor, of an undeniable elegance, along with wide areas bathed simply by natural light that will seeps within through the home windows and wall space of cup or within soft lotion, creates a ideal combination together with the lovely floors associated with fine wooden.

Spacious internal with hard wood floors
Interior along with wooden flooring and lotion walls
Interior along with wooden flooring and lotion walls

Its large internal stairways, elegant flooring, and wood railings direct us from level to a different through lighted spaces.

Stairways with wood rails
Large room along with internal bathing room
Evening view externally
Night time view from the exterior

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