A deluxe Villa in the Island associated with Taveuni, within Fiji

With the obvious advantage of being proudly located in such a amazing place, filled with beautiful scenery and magnificent views on the blue plus infinite ocean, this suite serves as sanctuary to relieve all of us of the tension of the day in order to day.

It really is located in Taveuni, known as the Backyard Island, in fact it is an eco-tourist’s dream along with nearby character reserves harboring an abundance of indigenous plants plus wildlife. Taveuni is the fifth-largest island within Fiji, known for its cozy, crystal-clear oceans. Combining gentle and difficult corals, amazing colors plus diverse marine creatures, the scuba diving off Taveuni Island is really spectacular.
The tropical isle is protected in exotic rainforest, plus surrounded simply by tropical reefs with some from the world’s greatest dive websites.

From the numerous terraces of the amazing design, we can see fantastic sunsets and also the green surroundings full of palms and colourful flowers that will surround this and give this an air flow of pleasure.

Raiwasa Grand Villa 01 850x484 A Luxurious Villa on the Island of Taveuni, in Fiji
View from the villa with the vegetation
Raiwasa Grand Villa 02 850x510 A Luxurious Villa on the Island of Taveuni, in Fiji
Beautiful terraces that offer all of us rest

Its infinity pools give a romantic contact to the sun.

Wonderful sun views in the terraces
Views from the sea in the terraces
Wonderful sun views through the terraces


Wonderful sun views from your terraces

Its extremely neat sleeping rooms offer all of us the opportunity to take pleasure in the exterior in the building, because of its lengthy glass doorways that link us using the wonderful scenery.

Bedroom along with exterior see
Bed room with outdoor view

Its bath rooms, with rock walls plus open areas, allow all of us to enjoy character even in probably the most reserved occasions.

Bathroom available to the atmosphere

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