A contemporary White House in Touguinhó, Portugal

This contemporary construction, positioned in Touguinhó, Italy, was designed simply by Raulino Silva in 2016. Built in the middle of an enormous plot of land, the house has wonderful gardens close to it, along with a swimming pool region where terraces provide a comfy space to unwind. The wall space of the house adjacent the pool area had been made of cup so that, in the internal areas, we can take pleasure in an abundance of sun light and the unrivaled views from the gardens.

Touguinhó III House 01 850x567 A Modern White Home in Touguinhó, Portugal
Breathtaking view of the home on a massive plot of land filled with green backyards
Touguinhó III House 02 850x850 A Modern White Home in Touguinhó, Portugal
Contemporary building within white
Aerial see of pool area
View of the home from the pool area with the glass wall space


Patio with wood floors plus glass doorways

The family room, which is flanked by cup doors that will lead to the particular gardens, is usually occupied with a comfortable couch. Beside this, a simple, contemporary, and gorgeous white table with a refined surface can be surrounded simply by wooden chair, also within white.

Family room with couch in surface tones
Polished whitened dining table plus white seats with wood legs
Modern cooking area in white-colored

A little dining room, put into the whitened and contemporary kitchen, enables us a chance to enjoy the sights of the backyard while having breakfast every day. Could anybody think of a much better start for the days?

Little breakfast space

Within the private places, the wood floors plus white wall space create an impact that eases our sensory faculties.

Corridor along with library

Bedrooms along with linens within warm shades keep the tranquility of the areas, creating the which transfers peace plus tranquility.

Master suite with wood floors plus white wall space

The restroom, with both wall space and flooring of veined white marbled and lighted by the lighting that gets into through a cup wall, breathes sophistication.

Bathing room with wall space and flooring of veined white marbled

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