A contemporary Farmhouse along with Historic Wall space


Home Aartrijke is really a former country home in Zedelgem, an farming part of Belgium. Architect Atelier Ben Vanhee created this particular modern farmhouse barn by next to the old creating with a contemporary extension, effortlessly blending outdated and brand new styles collectively under a frequency roof.

Recognized includes the particular entrance hall, garage area, circulation plus storage areas, while the previous barn fits the residing areas, which includes 4 huge bedrooms plus 2 bathing rooms. The new conjunction with the home is completed with a wood exterior, with all the former packet interior noticeable from the inside. The particular buttresses plus brick parts of floor display the former ground plan of the particular barn. Most sections of home, old plus new, are usually connected with a pre-weathered zinc roof.


2 fireplace shaped bvnvbn grant the very first floor the view, whilst a third fireplace creates proportion and homes the air electric outlet of the temperature pump. Inspite of the retrofit, all of 318 sq . meters of the house are correctly insulated to produce a low power footprint. Pv panels give you the majority of the particular electricity, as the third fireplace house a good air-water warmth pump, which usually powers the low-temperature floor heating system and radiator units.


One particular modern version has been changing the old joinery with brand new windows, which usually uniformly the actual golden proportion and give a unique nod in order to traditional design in a contemporary way.

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