A classy and Strong Apartment within Kiev, Ukraine

This comfortable, modern residence is located in Kiev, Ukraine, plus was designed simply by Alena Makagon. Though the residence is large, it is produced cozy simply by its selection of color palette, which will keep the space hot and shut.

The earthen tones from the walls, the particular decorative components, the ar2rk on the wall space, and the gentle rug every come together to help make the living room really feel welcoming, whilst still maintaining a sense of fashionable chic.

Modern Perfection in Kyiv Apartment 01 850x1275 A Stylish and Bold Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine
Modern Perfection in Kyiv Apartment 02 850x567 A Stylish and Bold Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine
Modern family room with a various color palette
Family room with a solid combination of colours


Modern kitchen/dining room within a combination of eco-friendly and glowing blue with dangling lamps
Kitchen/dining space in gentle tones

The light-colored wood from the floors which was used in the particular living room proceeds into the kitchen area, which has a little dining room connected, creating a feeling of fashionable continuity. The particular mint plus white utilized in the kitchen provide a relaxing feeling associated with elegance.

See of the kitchen area from the family room
Take from the modern cooking area in a smooth color mixture

The decorating scheme in the correct dining room is certainly bolder, using the dining table plus wall sections of darkish wood plus electric azure chairs. A contemporary lamp within white plus gold weighs from the roof, mirroring the particular white blooms in a classic vase at the middle of the desk.

Dining room within black along with electric glowing blue
Children’s bedroom within vibrant shades
Bookshelf in children’s bedroom

The Master suite is elegantly done in demure tones, however the remaining types, made for younger inhabitants of the house, are multi-colored and lively.

Modern Master suite
Modern bathing room with exotic details
Modern whitened sinks
Shower using a tropical design

The particular Master Bathing room is, as the corresponding bed room, sophisticated plus sober, as the additional bathing room has wall space resembling the sauna, yet others yet protected with wallpapers that will remind us of the tropical rainforest.

Elegant restroom in beige and dark brown tones
Modern bath tub with gorgeous floors
Research in sober tones
Study using a TV region

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