1950 Renovation with Henry Built & Stephen Moser

This 1950 renovation of William Landsberg’s house is nothing short of stunning. Lansberg worked under Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer and the influence of these 2 Bauhaus masters is evident in the Port Washington Residence. I am a huge fan of Henry Built and was great to see them work so classy with Stephen Moser to recreate the kitchen to what is once was but much better.

“Many original details within the kitchen were recreated including counter-height pass-throughs, built-in armories, and sliding wall units. Additionally, Henrybuilt developed custom wood pulls that replicate the original hardware. Materially, the homeowners wanted to stay true to the original orange laminate and walnut. Henrybuilt sourced a laminate color that was the exact match to the original and added clean, solid acrylic counters and backsplash panels. – Henry Built”

The houses setting with plenty of old growth is quite picturesque. The 1951 house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1950 Renovation Henry Built modern kitchen kitchen design updated kitchen Henry Built Kitchen Bauhaus Architect William Landsberg William Landsberg


General contractor: Golden Eye Construction
Structural Engineer: Blue Sky Design
Kitchen: Henrybuilt
Photography: Michael Biondo (pictures 1,8,9)

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