17 Bathroom Tile Concepts That Are Anything at all But Dull

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Mid-century American bathrooms have been in really like with pattern and shade. The 1940s noticed suburbs filled with bubblegum-pink bathroom floors, mint-green countertops, and even tubs, toilets and sinks in vibrant colors. The bold bathroom trend lasted into the 1970s — and several older properties have the avocado tiles to prove it.

Then, in the 1980s, we suddenly acquired sick of bathrooms that had some thing to say. Ever because then, we’ve been covering our bathrooms in secure, quiet choices such as beige, gray and plain white. A neutral bathroom isn’t all negative. But these gorgeous, graphic tile remedies make us want to kiss quiet bathrooms goodbye.

A small room like a bathroom is a fantastic location to attempt out bold colours and finishes that may not work in more substantial areas. We’ve rounded up 17 colorful bathroom tile suggestions to show you how. No matter whether you want to plaster your bathroom with stripes and ombré or just make your beige a minor significantly less blah, these suggestions will give you some inspiration to pump up your space’s type.

1. Awesome Ombré

Lay geometric tiles in an ombré pattern to deliver a modern edge to a space with industrial factors.

bathroom tile ideas - sabo project - freshome Image: Sabo Project

2. Brilliant Watercolors

The cobalt blue pattern on these tiles evokes the soothing watercolor really feel of Japanese shibori, painting the wall with subtle texture.

bathroom tile ideas - Clé Tile - freshome

Image: Clé Tile

3. Organic Stripes

Lay not-quite-square tiles in 3 or 4 complementary colors for a quirky pattern that goes great with natural finishes.

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Dedodesign - Freshome

Image: DedoDesign

4. Switched-Up Subway

Turn traditional subway tiles on their side by picking them in dark green glass and laying them lengthwise.

bathroom tile ideas - UdA Architects - freshome

Picture: UdA Architects

5. Brilliant Orchid

Give a plain bathroom a sassy twist by tiling a half-wall in a saturated shade such as fire-glazed orchid.

bathroom tile ideas - The Kuotes - Freshome

Picture: The Kuotes

6. Sudden Splashes

Make a boring white bathroom fascinating by laying tiles in a herringbone pattern and layering in a touch of shade.

bathroom tile ideas - made a mano - freshome

Picture: Manufactured a Mano

6. Geometric Tromp L’oeil

Triangular tiles laid in a 3D cube pattern trick the eye into seeing much more depth and hold a tile half-wall from seeking monolithic.

bathroom tile ideas - Suzy Hoodless - freshome

Image: Suzy Hoodless

8. Curvy Classic

Give a contemporary bathroom a touch of vintage softness with shell-shaped deco tiles. A curvy vintage mirror, sconces and brass fixtures finish the classic look.

bathroom tile ideas - emily henderson - freshome

Image: Emily Henderson

9. Moroccan Spa

Floor-to-ceiling patterned tile paired with terra cotta-colored grout produces a spa-like escape that pairs effectively with Turkish cotton towels and a soothing bath.

bathroom tile ideas - genevieve gorder - freshome

Picture: Genevieve Gorder

10. Subtle Texture

Adore one shade, but not confident you can deal with a space total of it? Hold it to the shower enclosure, and lay a pixel pattern of small tiles in 3 or 4 shades of the very same hue.

bathroom tile ideas - craig steely - freshome

Picture: Craig Steely

eleven. Boho Meets Deco

Pair square white tiles with a warm-toned encaustic concrete floor for a calming vintage vibe that nevertheless feels sophisticated.

bathroom tile ideas - etica studio - freshome

Image: Etica Studio

twelve. Blue and White

Give your bathroom the very same classic come to feel as vintage china with square mini-tiles in French blue and creamy white.

bathroom tile ideas - studiomobile - freshome

Image: StudioMobile

13. Nouveau Traditional

Pair paneled walls with chrome fixtures and black-and-white floors in a circle star pattern for a look that’s as fresh as it is versatile.

bathroom tile ideas - Jessica Helgerson - freshome

Image: Jessica Helgerson

14. Soft Sophistication

Banish dull with complementary colours and patterns like these mauve, coral and dark burgundy tiles.

bathroom tile ideas - Made A Mano - freshome

Image: Made a Mano

15. Warm Gold

Raise the temperature in a black-and-white bathroom by adding warm metal fixtures and a glass mosaic tile floor in opalescent shades of gold.

bathroom tile ideas - Jessica Helgerson - freshome

Image: Jessica Helgerson

16. Ocean Vibes

Use massive textured tiles embossed with a pattern for rich texture that’s not overwhelming to the eye. For an especially cohesive room, match floors, shower enclosure and console counter in the very same color and materials.

bathroom tile ideas - Made a Mano - freshome

Image: Manufactured a Mano

17. Colorful Contrast

Combine 2 contrasting patterns (such as stripes and triangles) with one particular accent color (this kind of as sky blue) for a stylish space that pops.

bathroom tile ideas - Barbara Bestor - Freshome

Image: Besto Architecture

Are you a fan of the colorful, graphic bathroom tile trend? Or will you stick to neutrals for now? Allow us know in the comments under!

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