15 of the Most Beautiful Indoor Hammock Beds Decor Ideas

The hammock is the international symbol of relaxation, the icon of leisure and summertime and it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s slung between a couple of trees in the backyard or suspended from walls, ceilings and roof hooks, a hammock sends a simple message – sleep in, chill out or hang loose. Although we all associate hammocks with summer days and vacations – the most iconic hammock location being, of course, the beachfront – these oases of peacefulness and tranquility aren’t just for outside. Indoor hammock beds are an up-and-coming trend, as they are increasingly used both functionally and as a new type of decorative wall hanging.

Indoor hammock ideas to keep summer going all year long

If you had a hammock, where would you hang it? Maybe in the backyard or on the porch? How about having a hammock inside the house? These versatile and functional swinging/sleeping/ seating items are significantly being regarded as wonderful replacement for mattresses and normal bed structures. Hanging hammock beds in guest bedrooms, children’s rooms, home offices, or a covered porch can make a surprising decorating statement. So an indoor hammock can be more than a place to relax and rest – it can also be an original and creative decorative item. If you crave for beach vibes year round and at the same time you want to add an ultra-comfy seating solution to your home, the indoor hammock ideas you’ll find below can be the perfect solution.

indoor hammock beds to relax
….the style of hammock you hang up will impact the whole look and feel of the room. If you want to bring some Bohemian vibes in your home, you should opt for a macrame hammock bed.


hammock bed indoor
…if you to create a beach house look, hanging a hammock indoors is the perfect way to do it. You’ll feel like you live by the shore every day.


hanging a hammock indoors
…indoor hammock beds can bring beautiful color combinations and fabric prints into your room decor. If the color palette is muted, pick a bright fabric to add a pop of color!


hanging a hammock indoors
…if you want to capture the freedom within a simplistic design, go for a minimalist white or black indoor hammock!


best indoor hammock beds
…hanging a hammock in the attic emphasizes its image as a relaxing retreat or a stunning guest bedroom.


best hammocks for indoors
…if you’re looking to relax in a room that takes you away from the everyday, a colorful hammock offers comfort with a note of playful added in for effect.


Indoor hammocks can be the perfect reading nook

hanging a hammock indoors
…hanging a hammock near a large window can create the perfect reading nook. It can also bring back those relaxing and calming vibes from vacations.


hammock beds indoor
…nothing says bohemian like these 2 indoor hammocks beds, one plain white and the other one contrasting it with its diverse palette of colors!


most beautiful indoor hammocks
…this house with a reading hammock is every bookworm’s dream.


Let’s swing with some beautiful indoor hammock chairs

Indoor hammock chairs can be an alternative to hammock beds, helping you save even more space while injecting the same eye-catching look and providing the same comfort. A hammock chair is not only an original piece of furniture or something to sit on. As with hammock beds, they are an easy living symbol. Hammock chairs can fit in the corners of the rooms and they’re wonderful for reading corners or for home offices or libraries.  If you love lounging in a hammock, then you’ll also want to hang out in these beautiful hammock chairs all day long.

indoor hammock chairs
…hanging indoor hammock chairs can turn your home into a playground for all ages.


indoor hammock chairs
…the hammock chair will accommodate any style. You will find varied textures and styles to elegantly harmonize the chair with its surroundings.


indoor hammock chair
…this beautiful bedroom has taken it one step further with an indoor hammock chair and a bed made out of pallets.


hanging an indoor hammock chair
…a DIY hammock chair can bring a unique appeal for your home! This looks super comfy and the perfect place for relaxing, reading a good book or enjoying a boozy beverage!


indoor hammock chairs
…this indoor hammock chair helped to create a decor that seems to be inspired by a tropical, bohemian hideaway.


At the end of this post let’s see a few tips and tricks on how to use indoor hammocks in your home

• when working with a small space, opt for a colorful hammock to create  an intimate and inviting room sparked with exotic charm.

• if you want to enhance beauty of your home with a sea-themed accents, use striped hammock

• use light summer fabrics like cotton and linen for summer-spirited hammocks

• when you chose the location of your hammock, make sure it matches the interior

• use knitted hammocks to bring a romantic touch to your home

• in a kid’s room a colorful hammock is a must

• a well-lit spot in your home is the perfect place to set up a hammock as a little reading nook

• if you think indoor hammock beds take up too much space, try a hammock chair

• hammock beds can bring a much-needed dose of softness to industrial spaces that are heavy on the metal and glass.

• decorating a room with a hammock may seem a little extravagant, but it can be a practical solution for small spaces

best indoor hammocks
….this room perfectly illustrates our vision on how to use an indoor hammock in your home. With lots of textiles, a hanging hammock chair, hanging lights and plenty of plants, this room is the definition of the bohemian paradise.

In conclusion, if you’re you looking for something original and unique that will make your home stand from the rest of the homes and will give you great relaxation, indoor hammocks can be the perfect choice. Whether your style is modern, minimalist or Bohemian, we hope you found an indoor hammock bed or chair that speaks to you in the image gallery above.  You can use the comment box below to tell us if you would hang one in your home!



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