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Video Interlude: Watch this Bioplastic Pavilion Get Recycled into Being

Wednesday, November 27, 2013, by Spencer Peterson
ArboSkin1.jpgPhoto via Dezeen

To tout the usefulness of Arboblend, a hot new bioplastic that looks all but poised to take the bright, sunshiny world of renewable construction materials by storm, students and professors from Stuttgart University’;s Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design used it to build this spiky modular pavilion and filmed the entire process. The resulting piece of manufacturing porn starts with a lowly tub of bioplastic granulate, made from over 90 percent renewable materials, and takes it through the rounds of melting, pressing, and thermoforming that produced this polygonal serpent of a structure. As the project team explain—and this is to be read in a triumphant cadence, with an eye toward a future where regular old plastic has been rightfully shunned in favor of the eco-friendly blend—”thermoformable sheets of bioplastics will represent a resource-efficient alternative in the future, as they combine the high malleability and recyclability of plastics with the environmental benefits of materials consisting primarily of renewable resources.” We’;re down, with the caveat that people should keep making short films out of the process. And here it is, your moment of Zen:

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