This particular concrete high cliff house could be the definition of intense

Unlike the particular daring Incapere Brutale within Beirut, Lebanon, this cement house simply by Chilean company Pezo Vonseiten Ellrichshausen is in fact complete. Wedged into the part of a rugged cliff within the Coliumo Peninsula, the alleged Loba Home is a basic rectangular quantity that nevertheless makes a declaration, even in the particular midst from the majestic seaside landscape.

Raw in its good looks, the home includes a raw cement shell sparsely punctuated simply by windows plus skylights, as well as the interiors are usually equally uncovered. Board-marked cement adds structure to the or else minimalist room, which is recognized as a individual room separated into 6 stepped systems, with 3 large content acting because de facto dividers, plus 2 “bridges” floating over head.

Sleeping sectors are placed over the upper systems, while the residing areas are normally found on the climbing down levels. The whole roof furthermore doubles like a terrace, which usually features a stairs lookout stage that cheekily references the particular home’s inner program. Also without an inlayed swimming pool, the particular Loba Home intrigues, providing direct access towards the waters, plus facing a lot lion book.

Via : Designboom

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