Stunning Thai Resort on Stilts Has Us Aching For Summer time

Pictures by Sook Architects via Designboom.

Are you prepared for summer time but? We are! As this kind of, this rustic new-build resort in Thailand, outside the town of Hua Hin, and developed by Sook Architects, looks very enticing. Even though the word “resort” can get in touch with to mind all kinds of architectural madness—groundbreaking, kitschy, or otherwise—this one particular, named Baan Suan Mook, requires a diverse approach: It will take its stylistic cues from vernacular architecture. The owner, Designboom reports, developed the resort to assist protect the pineapple field on which it stands by generating cash flow correct on the land, which he inherited.

Photographs this way >>

The resort comprises a steel-frame, multi-unit framework raised on stilts, a smaller private cabana, and swimming pool. The high, pitched roofs on the 2 this cabin-like unit and the comparatively sprawling major residence help passively ventilate interior spaces and defend occupants from heat and rain.

img_7_1454499431_9e94b15ed312fa42232fd87a55db0d39.jpg img_7_1454499431_9e94b15ed312fa42232fd87a55db0d39.jpg img_3_1454499431_e88a49bccde359f0cabb40db83ba6080.jpg img_6_1454499431_568628e0d993b1973adc718237da6e93.jpg img_5_1454499431_ce08becc73195df12d99d761bfbba68d.jpg

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