Snackwave: To Thine Own Self Be True, Spaghetti Chair

Monday, January 5, 2015, by Spencer Peterson
haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-12.pngImages via Design Boom

Graphic designer Haris Jusovic is building the kind of world I want to live in. The kind where more things look like food.

There are other spaghetti chairs out there, but none so delightful as Jusovic’;s concept, which was unveiled today with a whole batch of others on Design Boom. Somebody hook him up with a manufacturer, and Snackwave will have finally made it to the design world, where all fake trends go to become real.

With its 2-noodle support, the spaghetti chair looks the least plausible of the bunch, which would all fit in quite nicely with the internet’;s most surreal furniture gift guide. But who are we to tell people what can and can’;t be done?

Keep designing chairs, Haris. You’;re making us hungry.

haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-08.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-10.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-09.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-05.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-03.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-07.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-06.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-04.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-02.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-01.jpg haris-jusovic-high-heals-seats-creative-chair-concept-designboom-11.png

· Haris Jusovic imagines creative chair concept of high heels seats [Design Boom]

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