Served Over Ice: Sweden’s Icehotel Debuts Rainforest and Clock-Themed Rooms

Friday, January 9, 2015, by Rachel B. Doyle
icehotel-art-suites-designboom-01.jpgPhoto by Paulina Holmgren via Design Boom

For 25 years, the folks behind Sweden’;s Icehotel have been commissioning artists to carve elaborate temporary hotel rooms from 1,000 tons of ice block and more than one million cubic feet of snow. Located in an 1,100-person village 125 miles north of the Arctic circle, the world’;s first hotel made from snow and ice has been building ambitious rooms for years, but this time they went all out to celebrate their quarter-century of seasonal existence (the hotel usually melts by mid-April). The latest suites drew inspiration from ideas as varied as European folk art, baroque architecture in Spain, and the inside of a timepiece. One freezing room is even modeled after a lush rainforest, while another pays homage to fonts and the printing process.

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