Served Over Ice : 11 Incredible Shots of China’s Latest, Wildest Ice Architecture

Monday, January 5, 2015, by Jenny Xie
Photo by Fred Du4/AFP/Getty Images

Over in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin, where it’;s a bitter cold -4° Fahrenheit or so right now, the 31st annual International Ice and Snow Festival has returned, putting on another jaw-freezing display of spectacular ice architecture. Long the centerpiece of the event, the elaborate Ice and Snow World delivers over 8 million square feet of sculptures and towers made from blocks of ice, all illuminated into a trippy palette of neon at night. Just like last year’;s event, this year’;s spectacle also includes wild ice mazes, entire cityscapes made of snow, and and an ice castle with the most forboding stairways ever (Be careful with that photo-op!) Anyway, here’;s a closer look.

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