One for you, one for me : Five Designer Homes You Can ‘Download’ and Build Right Now

Friday, January 16, 2015, by Jenny Xie
paper.jpgRendering via Design Boom

Whipped up by London-based firm Carl Turner Architects, this half-boat, half-house design is the Paperhouses, an experimental website that aims to bring “world class” residential architecture to the masses. Just like WikiHouses, an older open-source project for sharing building plans with the public, the year-old Paperhouses wants to make building a new house as simple as picking a design, downloading the files, and getting straight to construction (either on your own with a suggested ne2rk of contractors). “We’;re trying to bring quality to open source,” Paperhouses founder Joana Pacheco told Wired. “Architects that you wouldn’;t normally call on to do your house are suddenly are very much within your reach.” Looking at this dreamy floating structure, that sounds about right.

↓ Sitting on a large floating tray, Turner’;s house would feature a series of long, narrow spaces on the inside and garden areas on the outside. The approximately 1,345-square-foot space would include 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, study, living room, and kitchen.

paper2.jpgRendering via Design Boom

Below, take a look a few more designer homes in the Paperhouses catalog.

paper3.jpgThe Module House; Rendering via Design Boom

paper4.jpgOur Private Sky; Rendering via Design Boom

paper5.jpgThe Folk House; Rendering via Design Boom

paper6.jpgHouse as System; Rendering via Design Boom

· carl turner floats buoyant residential proposal for paperhouses [Design Boom]
· Paperhouses [Official Site]

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