Office Spaces : Every Office Needs a Climbable Timber Clubhouse with a Slide

Thursday, January 29, 2015, by Jenny Xie
est1.jpgPhoto by Arnaud Schelstraete via Dezeen

The time has come for the very in vogue “house in a box” concept to infiltrate the workplace. Over in Paris, local architect Estelle Vincent has inserted a trio of multi-purpose wooden “meeting rooms” into the headquarters of marketing firm Ekimetrics, located in a gorgeously ornate building on the Champs-Élysées. In this environment, Vincent’;s geometric, pale timber structures add a laid-back, playful vibe.

Since the office is largely open-plan, these minimalist “shed-like” spaces offer a degree of privacy and flexibility. One angular module, for example, contains 2 workspaces, but also tucks in 24 small boxes that can be taken apart and stacked into tiered seating for larger meetings. Another cube-shaped module has stairs to a “rooftop” gathering space, a wall of cubbies, and one severely inclined slide exit route. It all looks pretty fun:

est5.jpgPhoto by Arnaud Schelstraete via Dezeen

est2.jpgPhoto by Arnaud Schelstraete via Dezeen

est3.jpgPhoto by Arnaud Schelstraete via Dezeen

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