News from Nippon: Do Japan’s Lonely Singles Really Want ‘Marriage-Hunting’ Apartments with Stripper Poles?

Thursday, January 29, 2015, by Rachel B. Doyle
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In Japan, where a recent study found that nearly 50% of adults are not having sex, a Tokyo property developer has come up with his own solution to the country’;s problem. The remedy, according to Rintaro Kikuchi, is simple: stripper poles in the living room. Kikuchi, who believes that most Japanese apartments are deeply unsexy, builds specialized konkatsu or “marriage-hunting” apartments with wooden bathtubs adjacent to the stripper poles, soundproofing, and lots of natural light. “You can’;t ignore sex and make a house,” he tells the Wall Street Journal. In order to come up with the purportedly alluring design for his apartments, he consulted with a “sexuality advisor,” who was the one who suggested including a detachable stripper pole.

Kikuchi, whom the WSJ claims “isn’;t half-bad on the pole himself,” has taken many precautions to ensure that sex will be had in his apartments. According to the listing for one of the 11.3M yen ($ 96K) konkatsu pads, the walls and ceiling are finished with natural building materials, because apparently petroleum “will adversely affect the female hormone.” There is also “floral and German-made wallpaper.”

The WSJ spoke with 2 women that moved into konkatsu apartments and just so happened to find mates shortly thereafter. One of these relationships ended in marriage, and the husband believes the ”
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· In Japan, ‘Marriage Hunting’; May Require the Right Lair, and a Stripper Pole [Wall Street Journal]

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