Man(ly)sions: One Direction’s Liam Buys $7.8M ‘Take Me Seriously’ Mansion

Monday, January 5, 2015, by Katherine Wisniewski
2liam1d.jpgAll photos via Property Porner

Liam Payne, the fresh-faced cherub of One Direction, just bought himself what every 21-year-old really wants: a combination ballet studio/all-weather tennis court/heated pool/cinema/700-bottle wine cellar/$ 7.8M existential crisis-inducing maze of white rooms. Liam, at such a tender age, just moved from his hometown, (allegedly) got his girlfriend pregnant, and is, clearly, recreationally YOLO’;ing.

If anything, this house will decide which side of life’;s great moral fulcrum our dear Liam will fall upon: will he rise from the ashes like a Daniel Radcliffe or fall asunder like Justin Bieber? No matter what happens, the tabloids can be comforted that it will be set in a totally dope 10,373-square-foot compound. Proving that everyone, at heart, is a despotic James Bond villain, the mansion is iPad controlled, covered in “camera isolation zones,” and comes with “heat and motion monitored.” Good luck trying to break in, hypothetical 14-year-old girls.

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