Look into the amazing sets through new Wes Anderson movie ‘Isle associated with Dogs’

You can’t talk about a Wes Anderson movie without talking about its sets, which are so distinctively colorful and whimsical that people have begun filing real life places with a similar aesthetic under “Accidental Wes Anderson. ” With the arrival of the director’s latest film, Isle of Dogs, moviegoers can once again expect to see stunning backdrops rich in detail.

Set in a dystopian Japanese city of the future, Isle of Dogs is a stop-motion animation about a 12-year-old boy who journeys to save his dog Spots, just one of countless canine pets who’ve been exiled to a garbage-filled “Trash Island. ” From the glittering cityscape to a rusting animal testing facility to a lantern-lined noodle bar, all of the sets were handcrafted especially for the film.

And just in time for the film’s release, London’s the Store X and Fox Searchlight Pictures have come together to open an exhibition featuring some 17 original sets and puppets from the movie. The noodle bar has even been recreated in life-size and visitors can enjoy some ramen or sake there.

Take a peek into the exhibit, running through April 5, in the photos below, courtesy of The Spaces.

The animal testing facility.

Jack Hems

The life-size noodle bar.

Jack Hems

A close-up of the cityscape.

Jack Hems

The mayor of Megasaki in an auditorium.

Jack Hems

Via: The Spaces

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