London Might Get Some Giant Underground Highways


London Mayor Boris Johnson is striving to dig some huge tunnels beneath the city in purchase order to decrease targeted traffic congestion on the city’;s surface, and while it is not nevertheless clear whether the undertaking is feasible—it would involve 2 subterranean highways running east-west that would cover a mixed 26 miles—or if it would even assist (as opposed to just permitting much more and much more vehicles to clog up the city) it is definitely an intriguing idea. But, for us, it truly is mainly intriguing because we help any initiative that moves a major metropolis closer to turn out to be a futuristic underground city like the one in the later on Matrix motion pictures, or moves humanity closer to becoming a race of worm people. So possibly we’;re in this for the wrong motives.
· London’;s Mayor: Large Tunnels Will Solve Our Congestion Difficulty [City Lab]

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