Lease this black-clad off-grid log cabin for your following holiday

This off-grid cabin established on a beautiful site close to Queenstown, Brand new Zealand, arrives highly recommended: It had been awarded the particular country’s greatest small house in 2016, among additional accolades. Created by Anna-Marie Face Architects, the particular 1, 291-square-foot off-grid house, known as Tom’s House, mixes the top features of vernacular log cabin architecture along with contemporary twists, almost actually.

Clad within on-trend dark facade, the easy structure features an asymmetrical silhouette that will mimics the nearby mountain panorama. This form also permits an extra-large entrance along with a double-height residing area seen as a glazed expanses and slipping glass doorways that improve views and permit for indoor-outdoor living.

The particular contemporary decorations are clothed in a easy plywood, yet black highlights like the window, kitchen cabinets, and other information create a link with the exterior. Refined concrete flooring lend a good industrial really feel to the area. As for sleeping rooms, there are 3 and can support up to 6 people—which helps it be an ideal place to lease for your following holiday. Situated just minutes through Jack’s Stage and set correct outside Kawarau Falls, the house can be reserved through Airbnb. Take a look.

Via : Inhabitat

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