Kevin G. associated with ‘Mean Girls’ is now the calligrapher motivated by the structures of NEW YORK CITY

You may keep in mind Rajiv Surendra as the rapping mathlete Kevin G. within the 2004 strike movie Suggest Girls , but are you aware that the Canadian actor can also be a skilled calligrapher plus artist?

Since receiving a package deal of characters from the 1800s as a present when this individual was twelve years old, Nyc City-based Surendra has been captivated by the art of calligraphy, crafting their own style of pen-and-ink penmanship through the years and growing his function to include chalk sketches.

These types of large-scale trompe l’oeil paintings are motivated by the structures of the town, whose traditional flourishes discover their long ago into their hand-written communication.

“I’ve always experienced a strong link with the past, ” Surendra states in the movie. “I seem like I am discussing my own background and the background that I am in love with along with everyone who have comes across our work. ”

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