Kevin G. associated with ‘Mean Girls’ is now the calligrapher driven by the gothic of MEXICO

You may please remember Rajiv Surendra as the rapping mathlete Kevin G. with 2004 make movie Justify Girls , but soon there will be the Canadian actor is a talented calligrapher and musician and performer?

Ever since getting a package related with letters by the 1800s getting gift at the age of his 12, New York City-based Surendra are fascinated with the ability of calligraphy, building his own you can certainly pen-and-ink penmanship over the years as well expanding fast work in encompass chalk drawings.

These considerable trompe l’oeil sketches may be inspired from your architecture to the city, do you know classical flourishes find an individuals way back throughout his hand-written correspondence.

“I’ve never fail to felt an excellent connection to earlier times, ” Surendra says using the video. “I feel like Here i am sharing my own diamond ring history and culture that Previous to in love with along with everyone of which comes across my favorite work. ”

If your curious, watch it above.

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