Ikea Watch: Here’s a Video Game About Building Ikea Furniture, Because It’s Not Frustrating Enough in Real Life

Thursday, January 29, 2015, by Jenny Xie

Höme Improvisåtion, a new video game for the Mac and PC, promises to be “the world’;s most fun and cooperative furniture assembly experience.” In reality, it’;s more like death by flatpack furniture, as the goal of the game is to assemble an endless pile of Ikea-style products in a virtual living room, without even any fun instructional pictograms real Ikea deliveries comes with. “If you don’;t know what to do, the peg is like a screw,” the game demo narrator shares gleefully.

The game, which was developed in 48 hours as part of last weekend’;s Global Game Jam in Atlanta, is available to download for free. It also allows up to 4 players, so just like in real life, your family and friends can join in on the chaos fun.

Check out the demo:

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