House Calls : Come Explore a Chaotic, Well-Loved Musicians’ Lair in Chicago

Friday, January 9, 2015, by Jenny Xie
2014.01.07_Curbed_SunsHouse_2.jpgPhoto by Curbed Chicago

For a new series touring the most awesome homes in the Windy City, Curbed Chicago recently toured a local musician’;s apartment that’;s way more exciting that its greystone exterior lets on. The 4-bedroom unit, which singer and guitarist Mikey Russell shares with 4 other people and 2 dogs, is covered wall to wall in music gear, art, vintage toys, and bikes, in a messy but deeply-cherished sort of way. Perhaps the most unique and important space for the crew may be the well-equipped “practice and show room” in the finished basement, which has hosted numerous bands over the years.

Though the house comes with its share of plumbing and electrical problems, simply because it’;s over 100 years old, Russell’;s favorite thing about the home is “the ability to play live music without anyone being angry”— his housemates and “everyone on the block” are onboard with it, except for one upstairs neighbor who once called the cop a few times. Get the full house tour over (and a gratuitous ghost story) at Curbed Chicago.

2014.01.07_Curbed_SunsHouse_10.jpgPhoto by Curbed Chicago

2014.01.07_Curbed_SunsHouse_12.jpgPhoto by Curbed Chicago

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