Hotels Week 2014: The Definitive Guide to Opening Up a Las Vegas Strip Hotel

Thursday, March 27, 2014, by Amy Schellenbaum
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If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, there’;s really no excuse to not make some unconscionable and unscalable decisions when it comes to hotel amenities and decor. Outrageously pricy suites? Like you wouldn’;t believe. Sex toys on the room service menu? Heck yes. 1,000-foot lazy river? For sure. Boyz II Men? Come at us. It’;s all included in this Vegas Strip Hotel Starter Kit, the latest in an ever-growing index of guides outlining the motifs found in alpine resorts, hipster boutique hotels, B&Bs, and sleek, modern new spots. Come, you can hear the slot machines’; siren song already.


And now, in more detail…

1. Rates starting at $ 29.95. Hear that? A month at Excalibur costs about a quarter of the cash required to live for a month in the average Manhattan rental. [Photo via Excalibur]
2. A 1,000-foot lazy river, like the one found in MGM Grand’;s “Grand Pool Complex.” [Photo via MGM Grand]
3. Pony topiaries, like those in the Bellagio’;s conservatory. Pretty sure that here it’;s a seasonal thing (ponies are so autumn), but if your hotel has them year-round, then all the better. [Photo via Tasty Island Hawaii]
4. Sex toys on the room service menu. At the Hard Rock Hotel, “Peekaboo Panties” go for $ 16, handcuffs wrapped in rabbit fur ask $ 36, and “feather spankers” cost $ 28. Hard Rock also offers the Provocateur Suite (pictured), designed “to evoke a sexy, fetish-oriented environment.” [Photo via Hard Rock Hotel]
5. Boyz II Men. They’;re at The Mirage. Go go go! [Photo via Getty Images]
6. 3 (3) Starbucks, like the Luxor boasts. [Photo via Getty Images]
7. A sphinx, also at the Luxor. [Photo via Getty Images]
8. Chapels because—and at risk at putting too fine a point on this—if you don’;t come back from Vegas with an annulment, it doesn’;t really count. [Photo via Paris Paris]
9. An honest-to-goodness boast about having “the original popcorn ceiling,” a luxury only available at Circus Circus. [Photo by James L. Davidson via Shutterstock]
10. Gondola rides! And stripe-y gondoliers! There is perhaps nothing cheesier/more requisite. [Photo via The Venetian]
11. Frescoes like whoa. Point is: never go half-assed. [Photo via Las Vegas Photo Images ]
12. A “carousel-like snack bar,” like the one offered by Circus Circus. [Photo via Circus Circus]
13. More. Fountains. [Photo via Bellagio]
14. A bar made of “Canadian ice” like the one at Monte Carlo. Don’;t kid yourself here and go for the American ice—your patrons will know. [Photo by Yeko Photo Studio via Shutterstock]
15. Clouds on the ceiling, à la Paris Paris. [Photo by Kobby Dagan via Shutterstock]
16. A ridiculous Barbie suite, recently dubbed as one of the country’;s most outrageously expensive hotel rooms. In this tiny photo alone one can see a pink plastic poodle, pink ghost chairs, and—YES—a mirror made from vintage plastic dolls. Good work, The Palms. [Photo via The Palms]
17. Since we’;re on the topic of crazy-pants suites, an in-suite bowling alley is pretty much always a good idea … for everyone except those staying right below it. [Photo via Oyster]
18. Gothic architecture, like those astride The Venetian’;s canals. [Photo by Kobby Dagan via Shutterstock]
19. Giant corn made out of many regular-sized corn. Like the ponies, this genius Bellagio staple was not long for this world, so do take the reins. [Photo via Tasty Island Hawaii]
20. “Authentic cobblestone,” also found at The Venetian. [Photo by Gkordus via Shutterstock]
21. Playboy bunny iconography, spotted at The Palms’; Hugh Hefner villa. [Photo via Luxedb]
22. This view. [Photo via Cosmopolitan]
23. A Statue of Liberty. [Photo by Andrew Zarivny via Shutterstock]
24. …or an Eiffel Tower. [Photo by Bryan Busovicki via Shutterstock]

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