Globe Trotting: 15 Japanese Beauty Salons That Exude Minimalist Calm

Friday, January 9, 2015, by Rachel B. Doyle
Header.jpgSlundre Hair Salon designed by Cohta Asano in Iwaki, Japan

The Japanese beauty industry is a serious business, with more than 170,000 “aesthetic salons” grossing nearly $ 4B a year. For a while now, the country’;s favored design style has been an aggressive form of minimalism, with sterile white boxes with clean lines popping up seemingly everywhere. But this style preference reaches its zenith in spaces are actually supposed to be sterile, like beauty parlors and doctor’;s offices. Indeed, Japan’;s hair and nail salons are glorious affairs, where geometric forms abound, screens shield any and every treatment, and there’;s zero art on the walls. Recently, some of the country’;s beauty parlors have been veering away from pure minimalism, and incorporating fun elements, like sculptural ceilings, perforated interiors, and even birch trees, into their designs. Below, 15 Japanese beauty salons that seem utterly soothing.

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