Former Lumberyard Transforms Into Airy, Industrial-Chic Property

All images by Shannon McGrath through AD España

Molding a cozy abode out of a former lumberyard is not the craziest residence conversion we have seen, but the final results here are nonetheless impressive. To flip the industrial constructing in the heart of Melbourne into a modern property, Aussie company BG Architecture erected couple of walls, alternatively favoring massive steel-framed glass windows that open up the ground floor residing spaces to the courtyard. A motif throughout the residence, which slots 2 much more intimate bedrooms on the lofted 2nd level, is the exposed brick wall. Yeah, yeah, it’;s rather more thanexposed by now, but at least right here, all the brick is unique to the developing and retained as a nod to its historical past.

A couple of more peeks. >>

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