Exactly why is Victorian structures associated with everything scary?

Why perform most people conjure up pictures of older, dilapidated Victorian homes whenever thinking about haunted houses?

The films have definitely perpetuated this particular association, through Casper in order to The Addams Family in order to Psycho , to name some examples. Yet looking to the particular style of Victorian homes—and the namesake—may offer some solutions.

Characterized by lavish molding plus decorative cut found each on the act and in the particular interiors and also architectural components like turrets, towers, these types of windows—all dressed up with weighty drapery along with other accessories—the Victorian style required its tips from Medieval architecture, rising in the mid-to-late 19th 25 year during the rule of King Victoria.

Queen Victoria herself may have contributed towards the style’s link with the odd. When the girl husband Knight in shining armor Albert associated with Saxe-Coburg plus Gotha passed away, she has been devastated plus wore dark for the rest of the girl life, also withdrawing from your public. Using a story like this and the structures to match, it is no wonder exactly why the Victorian style will stay a popular shorthand for all stuff scary. View the video over to get a nearer look.

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