DeGeneres Wire: Eight Rooms by Ellen DeGeneres’ Favorite Interior Designer

Friday, January 2, 2015, by Spencer Peterson
item1.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.arsl02_vervoordt.jpgPhoto by Ken Hayden/Architectural Digest

Antiques dealer and interior designer Axel Vervoordt has been called one of the “world’;s most influential tastemakers,” but mere words pale in comparison to another impramtur his work has been stamped with: he seems to be Ellen DeGeneres’; favorite interior designer.

Or at least one of her very favorites. Case in point:

· She and Portia own one of his tables.
· He was no. 9 on a list of things she “can’;t live without,” on which occasion she wrote “I admire his designs—anything and everything he does.”
· This pin.
· She once, upon meeting him, called herself his biggest fan, and said “It’;s so inspirational. It was really a dream of mine to meet you.”
· A list of her favorite books on goop was 3/5 books by and about Axel Vervoordt. (1/2 if you count her upcoming book, which she plugged at the end.) To goop, she said Vervoordt “is kind of everything: Every time I think I’;m finally done with a room, I open one of Axel’;s books and am inspired to start over completely.”

That settled? Here’;s a handful of rooms he designed.









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