Danish indoor-outdoor furnishings collection will get reboot

Carl Hansen and Søn has reissued a simple outside furniture arranged originally created by Danish teacher and builder Bodil Kjær in late 1950s. Interested in the bond between style and structures, Kjær made furniture pieces, which usually she known as “architectural components, ” which were functional, financial, and visual.

Kjær seemed to be interested in versatile environments, creating for the individuals, and the a harmonious relationship between items and room. These concepts can be seen in this particular reissue, that was designed with solid, clean outlines and a strong construction which make it suitable for ideal for indoor make use of as well.

Appropriately called Indoor-Outdoor, the selection is seen as a a boxy, open framework and slatted seats plus back sits. The arranged includes a living room chair plus matching aspect table, table, dining seat, 2-seater lay sofa, golf swing sofa, plus a sunbed. Earlier fabricated inside a range of forest like mahogany, teak, plus ash, the particular relaunched collection will be manufactured in solid teak, which patinates nicely and may withstand transforming weather conditions. In addition, it appears great regardless of whether inside or even outside.

“Back within 1959, there was clearly not a lot of focus on the particular aesthetics of outside furnishings, ” stated Kjær, who also currently hails from the Eastern Jutland area of Denmark. “Outdoor home furniture mainly contains free-standing items totally not related to modern architecture. We, on the other hand, noticed furniture being an architectural component whose dimension should connect with the surrounding areas. In the exact same vein, outside furniture need to relate to the particular format associated with buildings. Outside spaces generally need home furniture of a certain dimension to achieve the harmonious entire. ”

Courtesy of Carl Hansen plus Søn

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