Brutalist beauty can be yours for $1.7M

This blocky building in Beersel, Belgium, is for sale and would make quite the vacation home—not to mention a conversation starter. Designed by architect Peter Tachelet, the Brutalist abode was inspired by the work of Tadao Ando and features simple lines and a minimalist aesthetic that combine to create a home that is far from ordinary.

Fronted by a massive concrete slab-turned-facade, the residence’s rear and sides and completely glazed, providing privacy from the street and unobstructed views of the garden and surrounding woods from the back.

Called Villa C, the 400-square-meter (about 4,300 square feet) modern house includes 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 terraces, and multiple living rooms over 3 floors. A large kitchen opens to an outdoor terrace by way of sliding glass doors on the main level, and another one is found on the top floor right off a lounge and is supported by stilts.

In addition to the home’s main program is a single-story platform that marks the entrance. Buried into the ground, its roof forms a reflecting pool, and a gangplank-like walkway leads to the front door. If any of this intrigues, the unique home is offered at €995,000, or approximately $ 1.7 million. Have a look.

Via: Architecten Woning (h/t) The Spaces

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