Artistry: This Place Sure is Trippy for an 800-Year-Old Italian Castle

Thursday, October 30, 2014, by Jenny Xie
c5.jpgPhotos via Designboom

On a mission to transform old architecture through digital art, French artist Miguel Chevalier recently turned a 13th-century Italian castle into a trippy pixel paradise. In his latest project for a series called “Magic Carpets”, Chevalier uses the surface of the castle’;s octagonal courtyard as the canvas for projecting a kaleidoscopic neon light display, just as he had done once before with a rectangular space in a 1930 Moroccan church.

The patterns here, of course, aren’;t random: the pixelated compositions pay homage to the mosaics that once decorated the castle’;s interior, while rippling curves reference the tapestry of the Middle Ages. Oh, and the work is also interactive: visitors alter the appearance of the graphics as they move throughout the space and put pressure on the floor. Take a look, below.

c4.jpg c1.jpg c7.jpg c3.jpg

· Miguel Chevalier Morphs Italian Castle With Kaleidoscopic Patterns [Curbed National]

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